TMU Systems Follow Up System

Follow Up With All Your Leads Automatically

Whether you want to run Facebook Ads, get a proven follow up system, or are just looking for a new CRM, check out what The MarketingU can do for you!

What is a Follow Up System?

An automated follow up system can save you not only time but money as well. When you work with The MarketingU and TMU Systems, we provide a proven follow up system that will text and email your leads until they reply. While we still suggest following up with them manually, having a follow up system in place can help you contact your leads right away. When you don't contact a lead within 5 minutes of them submitting their information, studies have shown that your chances of closing goes down significantly.

We have the experience

With TMU systems, we have follow up systems that are built for you! If you are a real estate agent, we have buyer and seller leads as well as open house systems and special occasion ones. If you are a mover or in the financial industry, we have something for you as well! We can also custom build follow up systems for other types of businesses!

What Tools Can I Replace With TMU Systems?

You can replace tools including, but not limited to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, KVCore, JotForm, ClickFunnels, and so many others!

You could save up to $1,263+ per month using TMU Systems!


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