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Drive Leads Now and Later

When you decide to partner with The MarketingU for Facebook Ads, we strive to set you up in the short term as well as the long-term.  By running awareness campaigns throughout your time with us, you will get your name in front of your ideal customers and begin to create a list of customers who you will be able to market to later for free.  


Of course, you still need to make money during those first few months.  That is why we will also be driving high-quality leads that are likely to convert.  

What Does it Mean To Run Facebook Ads?

There are almost 3 billion active users on Facebook.   Almost all of them have their email, phone number, name, and likes and dislikes in the platform.  Facebook has given us the opportunity to take advantage of all the information that they have by running ads.  When you scroll through Facebook, you will notice that there are “sponsored” posts.  These are Facebook Ads.  They are usually related to something that you enjoy.  



Why not do the same thing? Clicks usually range from $1 up to about $30, depending on various factors including your industry, location, ideal customer, time of the year, and some other factors.  

What types of campaigns are available in Facebook?

There are many different types of campaigns available in Facebook. They break them up into 3 levels of your sales funnel; awareness, consideration, and conversion. All 3 of these campaign types have different goals.

While an awareness campaign is great for telling people you exist, they don’t usually convert as well as consideration or conversion campaigns would.

A consideration campaign is a great 2nd step in your campaign strategy. They help you drive traffic to your website or drive leads in Facebook Messenger.

Lastly, conversion campaigns do exactly what they say. They are great at getting people to convert.

You can’t just run a conversion campaign because Facebook won’t quite understand what your who you are targeting (even if you have detailed targeting). You do need at least 2 out of the 3 campaign types.

Drive Leads For Your Business

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